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Vision Statement

White Heron’s Student Company educational programming seeks to empower all students to use theatre as a tool for asking big questions about the world and their role in it. The Student Company also strives to provide students who are dedicated to theatrical pursuits access to the training and professional skill development that will transition them to the next step in their careers. 

Led by a team of professional artists, and often designed in collaboration with other arts organizations and local non-profits, Student Company programs help students find their voice and celebrate their interconnectedness to each other and the community. 

This creative process is powerful and transformative because it requires participants to embrace vulnerability, to make brave choices, and to find within themselves a willingness to speak up and really believe in what they have to say. These simple acts of self-discovery transform into an understanding and ownership of self-confidence. This confidence is then taken with them into the world and manifests in college interviews, positions of leadership, personal relationships, community commitment and in every arena of society.


Our goal at White Heron's Student Company is to leave each student we work with feeling empowered, not only to explore, but to harness their limitless powers of creation to affect real change in their community and ultimately their world.

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