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Our Programs

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For many summers, The White Heron Student Company has staged either a play or musical. In the process of staging Shakespeare shows, students wrote songs and choreographed dances to go along with their monologues. They studied foley and learned how to make types of sounds to go along with their performances. Past stage shows have included: “Carrie the Musical,” “Twelfth Night,” “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and “The Tempest.”

The White Heron Student Company anchor program is our original Mixtape Series. For six summers total, it includes 5 volumes of mixtape material, as well as numerous cabarets and a creative solo show performance. This program explores societal themes pertinent to young artists and provides advanced training in music, dance, voice, movement and acting. Mixtape allows our student performers to observe the world around them, excavate ideas important to their generation and express them onstage in a powerful, courageous and vulnerable way. Past explorations have included: “Dream On Late-Night Cabaret,” “The Solo Show,” “Hope Through the Darkness,” “Breaking Through," "The Journey to Self-Love," "A New Generation Rises," and "Resurgence."

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